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BRETT finds its essence in the cult 70’s movies and TV series. A wind of freedom blew over this period which resulted in the emergence of new clothing and musical styles. Our designs are inspired by the fictional and real-life exploits of legendary heroes and pilots who did not hesitate to break the codes, often at the risk of their lives, but always with phlegm and elegance. Even though our collection draws its inspiration from the past, BRETT fits into the present with design and manufacturing choices that give its own identity.


Our frames are designed to meet the needs of men with character. Playing on the material, between thickness and thinness, they underline the contrast between elegance and power. This current, uncompromising design is associated with contemporary materials and manufacturing technologies. BRETT redefines standards. The quality materials chosen for the manufacture of our frames (laser-cut monobloc titanium, carbon, stainless steel or acetate) bring the brand into the present. Their ultra-thin and flexible temples, made of titanium or stainless steel, offer a light sensation and optimal comfort. They are designed to fit easily under a helmet. All BRETT sunglasses are equipped with high quality DIVEL polarized lenses, ideal for driving.


A man of character who distinguishes himself by his style - always elegant! - his humor - always caustic! - and an uncompromising passion for beautiful machines. This epicurean, passionate about beautiful objects, is a gentleman who does not hesitate to break the codes. Inspired by heroes from the cult 70’s movies and TV series, he easily truncates the suit for leather when the situation calls for it. He seizes each experience that comes his way with audacity to chart his course at the wheel - or handlebars - of his car - or motorcycle - of character.

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